The Atlas Moroccan Association of Manitoba, also known as AMA-MB, is designed to include and serve all Moroccans who live in Manitoba. The Association was founded by a group of Moroccan volunteers on 2004.

The main mission of the association is to build bridges between the Moroccans already established in Manitoba and newcomers, to promote Moroccan Cultures (Arts, cuisine, etc.), to create a positive dynamic among our community, which is characterized by its generosity, diversity and commitment to help others. Our children and young people are our focus and have a major role in our community. Organizing all kind of Events (Cultural, Sportive and Educational) is one way that AMA-MB is implementing in order to educate and preserve the Moroccan culture among the new generation.

AMA-MB is aware that communicating with other communities in Manitoba, developing projects together and participating in the prosperity of our province is beneficial and productive for all Manitobans; so, let’s work with others for Better Manitoba!   

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We believe that together we can make a better and united community for a better life for every member of our community.