Jouwairia Lahboub-Daayf, President
Welcome from the President Since the Annual Meeting, I have had the honor and privilege of forming and chairing the new Board of Directors of the Atlas Moroccan Association of Manitoba. I feel that I have big shoes to fill, taking over from the excellent presidency of Mr. Fouad El-Mazini, who brought several projects to fruition during his tenure. I would like to sincerely thank him and all the former members of the Board. I would like to thank you for your trust, and my fellow Board members who accepted to take the challenge of seating in this Board in a time of transition. I am confident that, together with this great team and your support, we will fulfill our mission in the best of ways. You are the raison d'être of the Association and your participation in the various activities will guarantee the association’s success and sustainability. Our success as a community means a lot to us as Moroccans, Manitobans, and Canadians. In the next months, we will organize events, gatherings, and activities, but we need your commitment and participation to these activities if we want these to be successful, and to set a bright tone for the future of our community and our province. In spite of the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 situation, the Board members and I have already met several times and set several working objectives for our Board. These include the re-writing of our constitution, defining a clear plan for the association going forward, working on a new website, and identifying clear objectives to continue building a strong community. Moroccan Families, Moroccan newcomers, and our Youth are at the top of our priorities, but we also think of our elders and other segments of our community when planning for the future. Looking forward to seeing you again, or getting to know you, at our first annual event! With my best wishes for all of you! AMA-MB